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More picturesfrom Snapper Ron (sorry, these have been presented in published-order, not ordered by date taken)

ABC Burns Supper
27th January 2018

(published 23/2/18)

Inverness Eights HOR
10th & 11th  Feb 2018

(published 23/2/18)
Aberdeen Eights HOR

17th Feb 2018


Pictures from  Snapper Ron  (sorry, division 2 only)

(published 23/2/18)
Aberdeen Eights HOR
Saturday 17th Feb 2018

Results from both divisions

Lovely weather except for a bit of a headwind between the Suspension and Railway Bridges.
Thanks to all umpires and helpers.  Also thanks to our visitors from Inveress and University of St Andrews

Programme for this event
can now be downloaded - this includes course instructions and running order

Parking arrangements for visting clubs will be announced later.

  The original advert for this event is still available.



     Aberdeen  HOR  weekend
4th & 5th November 2017

Results from Saturday (both divisions)

Results from Sunday (both divisions)

 Lovely weather on Saturday for our Fours event.
The forecast of rain and gales on Sunday in reality became sunny but cold weather and a variable breeze.  Overall reasonable conditions for Guy Fawkes weekend.    It was great to see a large entry from lots of clubs including almost every Scottish university.

Photo-update 14/11/17
I am delighted to present a cornucopia of pictures from various sources (thanks to all providers);

4s HOR Sat from Alan Murphy

4s HOR Sat Division 1 from Snapper Ron
4s HOR Sat Division 2 from Snapper Ron
Small Boats HOR Sunday from Alan Murphy
Small Boats HOR Sunday Division 1 from Snapper Ron
(sorry, no D2 pics on Sunday from Snapper Ron as he was racing)

4s HOR Sunday Album by James Arthur
 (and the link to his jpegs)

FISA World Masters   
6th - 10th Sept 2017
Bled,  Slovenia

Yes, I think it really is the most beautiful rowing course in the world!  Not many rowing pictures (busy rowing and I only took a small camera) but lots of background and holiday shots.  Snapper Ron
Also a link below to the professional shots from Sports Graphics

  Still pictures from (mostly) Snapper Ron             Videos from Snapper Ron

               Sports Graphics shots (all clubs)                   (Sports Graphics Aberdeen pictures)
   More pictures from the North East Regatta

Thanks to Rob Eyton-Jones for providing some great pictures from the sprint regatta held in Aberdeen on 19/8/17
(published 23/8/17)

You might have spotted Rob at SPR or Scot Champs sitting damply in his kayak opposite the finish tower snapping crews as they neared the end of their race.  He chose land-based vantage points in Aberdeen but still relished the challenge of scrambing over rocks under the Suspension Bridge for best views!
North East Sprint Regatta

19th August 2017

Results from this event are now published.

from Snapper Ron are also published (19/8/17)

Pictures from Rob Eyton-Jones   ( NEW 23/8/17 )

Thanks to all sponsors, helpers, SR umpires, competitors and the weather (for delaying its thunderstorm until after prizegiving!)

Clydesdale Sprint Regatta and Corporate Challenge
5th August 2017
Snapper Ron has published his pictures from this event

  (published 7/8/17)

Snapper Ron's pictures from the
Home International Regatta

22nd July 2017

This event was organised by English Rowing but, unusually, took place at Strathclyde Park.
 (published 26/7/17)

Click here to go to Scottish Rowing website for news report on this event
ABC  Inter-Company Regatta
24th June 2017
The usual display of varied rowing costumes, and racing filled with enthusiasm but containing variable amounts of coordination entertained the spectators at this fun event.
A bit breezy at times with a varaible tailwind but very enjoyable racing conditions.  Snapper Ron's pictures are published here.

The Deewatch crew overhaul a nasty bunch of Star Wars Stormtroopers (serves then right for having Darth Vadar as a cox!)
(published 26/6/17)
Castle Semple Regatta
20th May 2017

I have pubished a selection of pictures from this event - not many shots from the lovely flat calm of the early morning (I was racing) but, sadly, a larger number of images of rough afternoon water.  Snapper Ron
(published 30/5/17)
Aberdeen Scratch Regatta
7th May 2017

Three Clubs (ABC, ASRA and Albyn) participated in this event.  Many thanks to Elspeth Archibald for proposing the format which seemed to be enjoyed by all participants.  An initial time-trial took place and the sorted crews were then divided into blocks of 4 or 3 for side-by-side competition - this took place regardless of boat class or competitors' status.  All races took place over a very windy 700m downstream course resulting in some challenging rough water.  Click for  results  or  (only 3!) pictures
ASRA Training Camp in Breisach, Germany

April 2017

ASRA travelled further south this year, going to Breisach in Germany rather than their previous location of Ghent in Belgium.  Everyone seemed pleased with the new venue.
Pictures by Carol Wallace

Universities of Aberdeen Boat Race
4th March 2017

Congratulations to Aberdeen University who not only won the main race (after 6 years of domination by RGUBC) but also completed a unique hat-trick of wins by taking the Second-Crew race and also the Alumni event.
Tides forced a late start to proceedings and a day of dark clouds and torrential rain led to challenges in photography.  Apologies for the many blurry shots (no light) and misty atmosperic photos (rain on lenses!)
Aberdeen Eights HOR

Saturday 11th Feb 2017


A strong tailwaind led to some fast times (tailwind) and also some slow bits (very rough water).  Water was much rougher in Div 2 after the tide had turned.

*new 12/2/17* Snapper Ron has published
Pictures from Division 2 only

Ian Duncan and Alex Wann wedding.
Ian & Alex got hitched on
Saturday 7th January 2017
The day finished with a celebration at ABC
Click below for Ron's pictures.

(published 8/1/17)

Aberdeen Xmas Scratch Eights Regatta
17th Dec 2016
Thanks to Alan Murphy for providing these pics

(published 25/1/17)
Pictures from the Aberdeen HOR weekend

Thanks to Alan Murphy who took these pictures from one of the marshalling launches

Fours HOR - Saturday 12th Nov 2016

SB HOR - Sunday 13th Nov 2016

and a few pictures by Ron Wallace of the cosy accommodation in ABC on Saturday night
Aberdeen Head of the River Weekend

12th & 13th November 2016

Despite a pessimistic forecast, the weather forecast, and actuality, on the days turned out to be lovely. 
Saturday, in particular, was flat calm, sunny and warm (at least by November standards).
We were delighted to have a huge entry, especially featuring many of the university rowing clubs in Scotland. 
This resulted in well-contested racing, especially at the novice end of the spectrum.
Sunday’s racing featured two dead-heats so aware were made to all four winners.
Thanks to all helpers, SR umpires, and everyone else who made the event run (mostly) smoothly.


Saturday Div 1 - by finish order        Saturday Div1 - by event
Saturday Div 2 - by finish order        Saturday Div 2 - by event

Sunday Div 1 - by finish order        Sunday Div 1 - by event
Sunday Div 2 - by finish order    Sunday Div 2 - by event

Competitors' names Saturday         Competitors' names Sunday

Deeside Scullers Club hosts the first-ever DS vs Universities of Aberdeen competition for the prestigious Hendricks Cup
1st October 2016

DS won the first Eights race then the pesky youngsters from AUBC and RGUBC took the second.  In the third race, DS got off to a blistering start; once the youngsters had realised that the race was on they did manage to claw back their disadvantage to squeeze over the line first to take the on-water victory.  Further points were hotly, and messily, contested in the egg & spoon race.  Repeated cheating on both sides (including very clever use of melted cheese to stick egg to spoon!) resulted in a draw in the on-land competition so the Universities were declared the winners.  Also present was the Kelly's Cat "Katherine Grainger" which has recently been purchased by DS

Rob Hamilton, President of Deeside scullers, presents the trophy to the winners from AUBC and RGUBC

Gin-Tasting session at ABC
Niki, KP and Di are planning to cross-country ski 26 miles (gasp!) as a charity fundraiser.  They started the fundraising by hosting a gin-tasting session which was both entertaining and educational (from what I can remember).  Well done all!

(published 5/9/16)
ASRA training camp and Regatta in Gent, Belgium
4th - 10th April 2016

Apologies for the late (22/8/16) publishing of these shots taken by Carol Wallace

Henley 2016
Lots of social shots from Snapper Ron with very occasional rowing pics

(published 11/8/16)

Pictures from

Scottish Championships Regatta

11th & 12th June 2016

Pictures from Snapper Ron

David Nolan's Flicker site

North East Regatta

4th June 2016

Results are published from this one-day event

NER pictures from Snapper Ron
Just a few pics from this event - mostly relating to the celebration of Deeside Scullers Club 50th anniversary.  For members of DS, further pictures of the evening celebrations are published on the DS website. 
 (pictures published 8/6/16)
Clydesdale Regatta
7th May 2016
Snapper Ron has published some pictures from this event
(published 26/5/16)
Strathclyde Park Regatta

23rd & 24th April 2016

Snapper Ron has published some pictures from this event.
(published 12/5/16)

Litter pick-ups
A message from Elspeth Archibald of ABC who has organised (and led) a number of litter-picking session between the QE2 Bridge and Victoria Bridge;

"We're planning our next picking weekend on 16th/17th april before all the regattas start.  
We finished the short bridges loop at the weekend - 85 bags in total ! "

Volunteers from any club are welcome to lend a hand.


Updated tide tables

Sharp-eyed Jim Steel pointed out confusion with the 'rowable limits' columns on the ABC tidetables - the figures were correct but difficult to interpret due to loss of AM or PM markers. 
I have modified the 2016 and 2017 tables to convert rowable-limit times to 24-hour notation.
The actual tide data is correct and unchanged
 (published 5/4/16)
ABC Update on 6/4/16
I received the following email from ABC (endorsed by Jim Steel, President)

ABC are no longer using the 'unrowable' times from the tide tables.  Instead ABC is using the +/- 3hours from high tide in daylight, +/-2 hours in the dark to prevent damage to boats when boating and landing, the same as we applied to launches.  Other clubs are entitled to set their own limits for their rowing boats

Aberdeen Eights HOR
26th March 2016

Windy and wet with a strong headwind and rough water up the 500m straight.  Sadly a poor entry from outside clubs - our only non-Aberdeen entrant was a junior quad from Loch Lomond - but at least they won their division so hopefully they considered the trip worthwhile!

Results (both divisions)

Pictures from Division 1

Pictures from Division 2

Universities of Aberdeen Boat Race
12th March 2016

Pictures from Ron Wallace and Lindsay Kilvington

This year saw the closest-ever main race with RGU taking an early lead only for AU to overtake them going through the Railway Bridge.  A ding-dong battle ensued down the 500m straight with RGU pulling ahead shortly before the all-important finish.  The Second crews raced, for the first time ever, over the long course and the aged(?) alumni were relegated to the short 750m course (which was, many said, long enough!)
 (published 19/3/16)

Committee of the Dee
(Aberdeen Rowing)

now has a Twitter account

click on the above link to tweet away

(published 2/2/16)
ABC Burns Supper
23rd January 2016
We met to celebrate the Bard's birthday and enjoy some fine soup followed by Haggis, neeps & chappit tatties (thanks, Alex)

Change of date of
Aberdeen Eights HOR

Please note that we have (with permission from Scottish Rowing) changed the date of our Eights HOR from 20th February 2016 to
Saturday 26th March 2016

We made this change as the original date clashes with BUCS regatta and many University clubs have attended our HOR in previous years.

(published 15/1/16)
Discovered photos!

Apologies but I have found various batches of photographs which I have failed to process and publish.  More may be added to this list but currently you can enjoy the following (in no particular order);

ASRA's trip to Ghent in April 2015 (pictures by Carol)

ABC Xmas Eights scratch Regatta
(7th Dec 2013)  pictures by Carol

Inverness 8s and Small Boats HOR  (21st Feb 2015)

Scottish Schools HOR
(26th & 27th Sept 2015)

Marlow Regatta  (21/6/14)
Pictures from Colin
River Dee  post-diluvian

**UPDATE 14/1/16**  The turbulence upstream of the salmon-fishers bothy (between KG6 Bridge and HOR finish) has been identified as another car! (thanks Pete)
Until this is cleared, all crews and launches should turn downstream of the salmon-fishers bothy  (PS - car now cleared but all crews should still exercise caution due to changes in shoal banks)

(13/1/16) You may have noticed it has been a bit damp lately!
The river has changed significantly following the recent floods - two reports and sets of pictures are available below

Pete Turner and Jonny Muir walked the lower stretches of the river on 11/1/16.  Their written report and pictures are available.

Dan Davidson walked the Dee at low tide and took these pictures from 13/1/16  - I have added his written observations to the foot of the above report.

(published 13/1/16)
FISA World Masters - Hazewinkel
10th - 13th Sept 2015

Sorry for the late publication of these pics  - there are a lot of personal pictures of our holiday in Belgium but also a number of rowing shots (mostly taken by Carol, thanks)
  (published 3/1/16)

                          Click here for older news

Snapper Ron is offering an image-publishing service for the Aberdeen rowing community.
If anyone wishes to send me their rowing photographs, I am happy to publish them. 
Suitable picture sizes are up to 1024 pixels with medium jpg compression (I can scale down larger pictures).

By sending the images, I will assume that you are happy for me to pass on full-size copies to anyone who requests one.
My legal bits page has information about ownership of the images. 
I am not able (yet) to publish video clips and images will be down-sized for rapid loading



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About the Committee of the Dee           constitution
The Committee of the Dee is concerned with organising rowing events on the River Dee in Aberdeen, Scotland. Events are run under the rules of the Scottish Rowing (previously known as the Scottish Amateur Rowing Association (SARA)).  Members of the committee are elected from the five rowing clubs in Aberdeen;
   Aberdeen Boat Club
   Aberdeen Schools Rowing Associatioon
   Aberdeen University Boat Club
   Deeside Scullers Club
   Robert Gordon University Boat Club


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