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Committee of the Dee Aberdeen Tides for 2019      Aberdeen tides for 2020   (see below for other years)


About the Committee of the Dee

The Committee of the Dee is concerned with organising rowing events on the River Dee in Aberdeen, Scotland. Events are run under the rules of the Scottish Rowing.  
Members of the committee are elected from the following five rowing clubs in Aberdeen;

   Aberdeen Boat Club
   Aberdeen Schools Rowing Associatioon
   Aberdeen University Boat Club
   Deeside Scullers Club
   Robert Gordon University Boat Club


Rules for driving Aberdeen launches  Version4 April 2011
  (as approved by Committee of the Dee April 2011)
                                                Full document:     pdf format        MS Word format
                                                Updated information for 'ABC' launch  (published 20/12/15)

 If you only want to download pages 6 and 7 of this document (the declaration and Log Book)
 - you can do so here       Declaration and Log Book pdf          Declaration and Log Book MS Word

If you only need the single-page declaration (page 6) then choose either of the links below;
                                                   Declaration page only (pdf)           Declaration page only (MS Word)

Masters (Veteran) Handicap tables                  
           NEW (2017) version   **corrected 13/2/18 (see below)        
            Information from SR about use of handicap tables (published March 2018) 

In January 2017, Scottish Rowing agreed to a one-year trial of the above new handicap tables.  These were produced by Dan Davidson of Aberdeen Boat Club.  They significantly reduce the benefit given to older rowers compared with the previous tables.
(For information, here is a link to the old version as approved at Scottish Rowing AGM in Oct 2009)

**Apologies, somehow a version of the long-distance handicap table appeared on the CofD website with corrupted data.
this problem was noticed and corrected on 13/2/18

Constitution of the CofD      (pdf)
Risk assessment for HOR events   (MS Word)   (pdf)
Risk assessment for Regattas   (MS Word)   (pdf)
Want to borrow the CofD trailer? ......      Terms & Conditions     Application form
Aberdeen tides     
      Aberdeen tides for 2019       Aberdeen tides for 2020

Link to on-line tidal prediction        Spreadsheet of raw tidal data 2016 - 2030    

Copy of Excel spreadsheet (v2) for calculating Aberdeen rowing limits for LEAP years (2016 example)
(you can paste raw data from the raw-data spreadsheet)
Copy of Excel spreadsheet (v2) for calculating Aberdeen rowing limits for NON leap years (2017 example) (you can paste raw data from the raw-data spreadsheet)
Mark Pollard's Regatta software  
      This is the program that we use to administer our two-lane racing in Aberdeen. 
       It is freeware and can be downloaded by clicking this link and following the instructions.
Timing watches information and downloads

NK (new) Interval 2000 timing watches
     -  Watchware software download (from NK website - try this one first)
     -  Watchware software download (from CofD site)    
     -  Watchware software quick start up guide  
     -  Interval 2000 stopwatch Instructions