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Committee of the Dee          

2007  North East Regatta  5th & 6th May

(1) Winning names Saturday    (pdf)

(2) Winning Names Sunday    (pdf)

(3) Updated programme with results of all races and winning names from both days (contains all the information in (1) and (2) above)    (pdf)

(4) Championship of the Dee Notes    (pdf)    (html)

(5) Notes about the regatta    (pdf)    (html)

(6) Pictures

(7) Link to statistics page





North East Regatta 2007          5th  & 6th May 2007

Championship of the Dee  2007

 The Championship of the Dee is the victor ludorum award for the main rowing event in Aberdeen.  It is calculated over both days of the North East Regatta.  Each winning finalist in an event earns his (or her) club two points.  Runners up (losing finalists) are awarded one point.


Saturday Points

Sunday Points

Total Points

Final Position

Aberdeen University Boat Club (AUBC)





Aberdeen Boat Club (ABC)





Aberdeen Schools Rowing Association (ASRA)





George Heriots Rowing Club





George Watsons College Rowing Club





Robert Gordon University Rowing Club





Inverness Rowing Club





 Sadly, we had a very limited entry from outside clubs this year.  The NER clashed with the BUSA regatta which would account for the lack of university entries (we were glad that AUBC decided not to attend BUSA !) but the lack of other clubs was disappointing.
We had good support from George Heriots and George Watsons in the junior events on Saturday.

 AUBC were leading at the end of Saturday’s racing and a string of wins on Sunday ensured a clear victory for them this year.  Last year the award was, uniquely, shared between AUBC and ABC after a tie for maximum points.

 At the end of Saturday’s racing there was a very close battle for 2nd to 5th places with only 4 points separating ABC, Heriots, Watsons and ASRA.   

ABC scored more points on Sunday than they managed on Saturday (despite fewer events on offer) to score a solid second place overall.

 ASRA were the only junior club represented on Sunday so they pulled ahead into 3rd place overall, having been lying in 5th position on Saturday.

 George Heriots and George Watsons scored a credible sum of 44 points each on the one day that they competed.  Looming exams caused them to head home on Saturday so that athletes could change from physical exertions to intellectual ones. 

RMW 7/5/07


North East Regatta 2007           5th & 6th May 2007


Thanks go to the following SARA officials; Neil McFarlane (senior umpire), Fiona Murray, Jen Thomson, Catriona Wilson, Peter Morrison, Carol Wallace, Angus Campbell, Aideen Lyons, Bryan Steel, Sandy Walker, Ian Duncan

 Regrettably, we had our smallest-ever entry since statistics were started in 1990.  Our event clashed with the BUSA regatta in Nottingham, which would account for a lack of ‘foreign’ university entries but the lack of other entrants was disappointing.

A run of excellent weather leading up to the event (warmest April since records began) unfortunately changed to more typical conditions for the time of year.  We had no significant rain and the sun was pleasantly warm (when out) but the biggest problem was a very strong downstream (tail) wind on both days.  This was unpleasant on Saturday and even worse on Sunday.  The Aberdeen P&J reported various trees blown down and some structural damage to building on Sunday so perhaps we got off lightly!  We were fortunate that the wind direction meant that the most (only?) sheltered part of the course was at the start.

There were no untoward incidents during the event.  Only one crew was disqualified for wandering into the course of their opponents.  The regatta finished on time on both days.  This was especially impressive on Sunday because Ron had to get on his grumpy-hat and lambast various local crews for arriving late for the start of the first few races of the day. 

ABC officially named two new coxed fours and pictures of the champagne christening are on the Committee of the Dee website (http://cofd.co.uk)                                                             

       RMW 07/05/07