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Committee of the Dee



bulletRoad map with directions to Aberdeen Boathouses  
bulletLink to Multimap showing Postcode of Aberdeen Boat Club Boathouse (AB11 9AA)  
bulletMap of course and rules for Aberdeen Sprint Regatta:       Web page 
                                                                                                           pdf file (better for printing)
bulletMap of course and rules for  Aberdeen Heads of the River races   (updated March 2022)
         Dan Davidson's aerial view of the River Dee with or without captions.

         Link to a Strava activity map  (Ron sculled over his recommended course for the Aberdeen HORs)  (4/10/18)


Maps and information relating to other rowing sites

Area With thanks to:
Inverness HOR course  (this version has umpiring positions marked but it is fine for rowers/ coxes as well) Inverness Rowing Club  (Nov 2019)
Tideway Head of the River map with distances (I published this just prior to the 'windy-sinker' 2004 event.  In future I will try to include depth soundings and submarine hazard charts to allow us to navigate our way along the bottom of the Thames.  Spinnakers and storm jibs might also be useful ) Ron

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