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Committee of the Dee          

Snapper Ron got on his smart duds and accepted the (very funcy) invitation from the Lord Provost to attend Aberdeen City Chambers for the SARA Awards Dinner.  Various members of Deeside Scullers Club deserve awards for managing to attend the SARA Dinner after the rigours of the AGM of that august body of men.

Click here to go to the rest of the pictures and, as usual, email me if you would like a full-size version.

NEW If you have a high-speed connection (the file is over 4Mb in size) and want a run-through of the entire evening in under 2 minutes, then click here to see all the pictures flash past at one-second intervals.

Recipients of the 2005-2006 SARA Rowing Awards were as follows:

bulletJunior Oarswoman of the Year: Nicola Santoni (Strathclyde Park RC)
bulletJunior Oarsman of the Year: Daniel Shankland (Castle Semple RC)
bulletVolunteer of the Year:John Denovan (Stirling RC)
bulletCoach of the Year: Ali Paterson (Aberdeen BC)
bulletSenior Oarswoman of the Year: Lindsay Dick (Glasgow RC)
bulletSenior Oarsman of the Year: David McNeill (Aberdeen BC)
bulletCrew of the Year: Glasgow University Lightweight Double Scull (Chris & Jonny Logan)