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Committee of the Dee          

North East Regatta 2014

10th & 11th May 2014

Click on any of the links below to download marked-up results

Saturday - List of winners names Sunday - List of winners names
Saturday - full marked-up programme Sunday - full marked-up programme



Sadly a new record was set at the 2014 North East Regatta ... the record for the smallest number of entrants!  We had 38 races on Saturday and a disappointing 17 races on Sunday.  Almost all of these involved Aberdeen clubs with a small entry from Dundee University making the trip north (and going away with some of our lovely new medals!)  Inverness Rowing Club had entered a Veteran Pair but there was no opposition so the event was cancelled.  Our final outside entry came in the form of a single  Junior Sculler who hails from St Andrews College Rowing Club in Christchurch, New Zealand he is on an exchange trip to a School in Perthshire and entered J-18 sculls and open sculls on Saturday.  Thanks to ASRA for loaning him a boat for these events.

The low number of entries was also due to ASRA deciding that they would not be entering the North East in any significant numbers this year.

Albyn Schools Rowing Club provided the only other Junior entries and ended up having to race against each other one double scull capsized on the start line but were quickly rescued and seemed none the worse for their early bath!

Other dramas ensued in the Novice Eights final when members of each crew (ABC and AUBC) managed to catch spectacular crabs on separate occasions shortly after the start.  Niall Young, who was commentating on the race, was looking forward to further excitement but reported they were both rowing in fine form by the time they shot the QE2 Bridge they must have honed their skills during the race!

Thanks go to the umpires; John McKinney (senior), Peter Morrison, Carol Wallace, Neil Macfarlane, Robert Robertson, Gary Bain, Bryan Steel, Ian Duncan, Catriona Wilson and Fiona Murray.  They had to endure some hanging-about as the small number of races meant it was not possible to pad-out rest time between rounds of races so some races had large gaps.  Despite this, both days finished ahead of time.  The weather was lovely on Saturday but Sunday reverted to a more typical headwind which created some rough water near the finish later on in the day.

Finally, congratulations to Peter Morrison who was the first person to correctly answer the conundrum  that Ron set within the regatta programme - the questions are below - email me if you think you can answer them (but sorry, the prize is gone!)
=>     Not so much a rule as a question (prize for first correct answer showing your working!)... multiply the number of arches in the Victoria Bridge by the number of over-water arches in the Railway Bridge; then add the minimum weight (in kg) of a cox in a junior event;  subtract the minimum rowing age of a Veteran E sculler;  add the date in April this year that the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race took place;  finally add the date in this month that has the highest tides in Aberdeen.

 RMW  11/5/14 

Championship of the Dee 2014

2 points per winning finalist,  one point per losing finalist






Aberdeen Boat Club (ABC)

64 99 163


Aberdeen University Boat Club  (AUBC)

77 15 92


Albyn Schools Rowing Club

27 0 27


Dundee University BC (DUBC)

5 5 10


Robert Gordon University BC (RGUBC)

0 4 4


Aberdeen Schools Rowing Association (ASRA) 3 0 3 6

AUBC were, just, in the lead at the end of Saturday's racing but had entered much fewer events on Sunday (I think exams are looming) and this allowed ABC to dominate point-scoring on Sunday.  ABC ended up with a convincing win, their first since 2005.