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North East Regatta 2012

5th & 6th May 2012

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Saturday - List of winners names Sunday - List of winners names
Saturday - marked-up programme Sunday - marked-up programme

Few pictures from Snapper Ron

Saturday pictures from Stuart Pressage

Sunday pictures from Stuart Pressage


The weekend prior to the North East Regatta (NER) had seen one of the coldest Strathclyde Park Regattas (SPR) in memory and, sadly, the Scottish Rowing umpires were treated to another chilling in Aberdeen on Saturday with a bitter wind and showers of rain or hail.
The following stalwarts braved the elements over both days;  Sandy Walker (senior umpire) Neil Allan, Bryan Steel, Emma Fisher, Neil MacFarlane, Fiona Murray, Hazel Calder, Peter Morrison, Catriona Wilson, Gary Bain, Douglas Cameron, Carol Wallace, Robert Robertson, Adam Downie.  Rowing conditions were sometimes difficult on Saturday with a particular patch of rough water just downstream of the QE2 Bridge catching out a number of crews.

Weather conditions were more benign on Sunday with little wind and flat calm water at times but the smooth surface was sometimes spoiled by lashing showers of rain.

We had closed entries earlier than usual due to problems performing the draw at the same time as people attending SPR and this did cause a few administrative problems - some novice crews entered for the NER were no longer eligible having won at SPR.  Another crew had gone up status after entering the NER but did not tell us and ended up competing in an event in which they were over-qualified.  This resulted in their later disqualification and required a re-row between other competitors to resolve the outcome - fortunately, competitors and umpires were happy to accommodate this and a fair and just verdict was reached in the end.  The regatta finished ahead of time on both days.

Due to poor timing in relation to other events (the week after SPR and same weekend as BUCS) we anticipated a poor entry and were not (or were!) disappointed in actuality.  The only entrants for outside Aberdeen were 2 competitors from Inverness (thanks John and Dave).  We did, however, manage to hold some well-contested events with 7 Womens Novice Fours competing on each day. 

Due to escalating costs of tankards, we changed our prize-giving policy this year.  All winners of Novice events will continue to receive a quality pewter tankard but other winners were awarded one of our spectacular bespoke medals

Championship of the Dee 2012

2 points per winning finalist,  one point per losing finalist

Club Saturday
Aberdeen Schools Rowing Association (ASRA) 146 93 239 1
Aberdeen University Boat Club  (AUBC) 106 44 150 2
Aberdeen Boat Club  (ABC) 43 30 73 3
Robert Gordon University BC (RGUBC) 9 4 13 4
Inverness RC 4 n/a 4 6

All the Junior events are held on Saturday and no visiting Junior clubs this year so ASRA were guaranteed maximum points in all junior events.   They did manage to gain points in a number of open events on Saturday as well.

ASRA also entered (and did well in) a lot of open events on Sunday and had the highest points total on the second day, guaranteeing a spectacular victory.