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Committee of the Dee          


North East Regatta 2011

14th & 15th May 2011

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Saturday Draw                              Sunday Draw

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Saturday list of winners names         Sunday list of winners names



Thanks to the following Scottish Rowing umpires;  Peter Morrison (senior umpire); Terry McNeill, Robert Robertson, Hazel Smith, Fiona Murray, Mike Haggerty, Neil Allan, Bruce Lowe, Emma Fisher, Bryan Steel, Carol Wallace, George Lawson, Bob Reid, Catriona Wilson, John Munro, Douglas Cameron, Gary Bain

Strong winds and squalls of rain on Saturday made for challenging racing conditions, especially on the 500m straight.  Some of our visitors, who were more used to training on canals, complained that the rough water was the cause of them losing their races, shame!

Drama on the river on Saturday when were approached by the police and asked to look out for a vulnerable adult who they were seeking and who had a fascination for water and bridges.  Congratulations to Emma Fisher who, whilst umpiring at the top of the wall, spotted the missing man in the water.  She persuaded him to come out onto dry land until police and ambulance arrived - will Emma now take on the role of the George Parsonage of the Dee?

Benign condition on Sunday but more police involvement for poor Emma when a hit-and-run driver took off the wing mirror of her car as she was umpiring at the start - life is never boring as a SR umpire!

It was great to see a large entry from AUBC including 3 Womens Novice Eights on Sunday.  A limited entry from outside Aberdeen but thanks to entrants from George Heriots, George Watsons, Inverness RC and St Andrews BC.


Championship of the Dee 2011

2 points per winning finalist,  one point per losing finalist

Club Saturday
Aberdeen Schools Rowing Association  (ASRA) 130 54 184 1
Aberdeen Boat Club  (ABC) 95 79 174 2
Aberdeen university Boat Club  (AUBC) 105 53 158 3
George Heriots 27 0 27 4
George Watsons 23 0 23 5
Inverness RC 4 9 13 6
St Andrew BC 0 3 3 7

All the Junior events are held on Saturday so ASRA managed to build up a large stock of points
on the first day of racing.   AUBC were in second place at that point.

Although AUBC had reasonable success on Sunday, they were overtaken by ABC who took
second place overall, ending up only 10 points behind ASRA.

A bigger entry from Inverness (all men this year) had mixed success but congratulations to Dave Rothwell
who, along with John Sharkey triumphed in Mens Vet pairs.  Dave was looking forward to (finally) winning
a pewter tankard and was a bit disappointed to receive a (more expensive!) pewter brandy goblet instead. 
Sic transit gloria mundi