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Committee of the Dee          


Click here for a link to a spreadsheet (in pdf format) with results of all races and winners and entrants names

North East Regatta 2008   19th & 20th April



Thanks to the following SARA umpires; Gary Bain (senior), Peter Morrison, Carol Wallace, Angus Campbell, Bryan Steel, Sandy Walker, Niki Chambers, Robert Robertson, Catriona Wilson, Robert Reid, Fiona Murray, Ian Duncan, Catriona Wilson.

Although our entry was larger than last year, this was almost exclusively made from local clubs.  We only had 2 competitors from outside Aberdeen - a solitary Inverness sculler (thanks Colin) and a Nithsdale pairs-partner for an ASRA crew (thanks Scott). 

The weather turned out better than the forecast (windy and wet) with dull conditions on Saturday and some fine sun on Sunday.

With the assistance of the above officials (and help from the competitors) we managed to finish ahead of time on both days and with no dramas to report.  This made for smooth racing but left little of interest for me to write!

One memorable event took place behind the scenes.  This was the first NER since 1985 that did not use Ron's home-written software for on-the-day administration.  This software had started life on a BBC B computer before evolving to MS QuickBasic in the 1990s.  An altruistic chap by the name of Mark Pollard has released freeware software that has knocked Ron's venerable product into touch (to borrow a metaphor from a different sport).  For those who have done regatta draws - Mark's software does away with the fun (?) of lots of post-its spread over floors and windows.  Sic transit gloria mundi

 RMW 25/5/08


North East Regatta 2008          19th & 20th April

Championship of the Dee  2008

 The Championship of the Dee is the victor ludorum award for the main rowing event in Aberdeen.  It is calculated over both days of the North East Regatta.  Each winning finalist in an event earns his (or her) club two points.  Runners up (losing finalists) are awarded one point.


Saturday Points

Sunday Points

Total Points

Final Position

Aberdeen Schools Rowing Association (ASRA)





Aberdeen University Boat Club (AUBC)





Aberdeen Boat Club (ABC)





Robert Gordon University Rowing Club





Victoria Bridge Rowing Club (VBRC)





Nithsdale Rowing Club





Inverness Rowing Club





Although our total entry was larger than last year, this was almost entirely made up from Aberdeen-based clubs.  In particular, RGUBC entered their largest-ever squad. 

The only outside entries were a solitary sculler from Inverness (thanks Colin) and a Nithsdale rower (thanks Scott) in a composite pair with ASRA.

With no other competitors in junior events, it was no surprise that ASRA were leading with a points tally of 134 at the end of Saturday’s racing.  AUBC were in second place on Saturday with 66 points.

AUBC did a sterling job of making up the points on Sunday and earned 76 points on the second day (equal to ABC’s tally that day) but the university club could still not manage to catch ASRA and had to settle for second place.


Winners of Championship of the Dee from1989

Year Winner
1989 Aberdeen Schools Rowing Association
1990 Aberdeen University Boat Club
1991 Aberdeen Boat Club
1992 Aberdeen Boat Club 
1993 no results recorded
1994 Aberdeen University Boat Club 
1995 Aberdeen University Boat Club 
1996 Aberdeen Boat Club 
1997 Aberdeen University Boat Club 
1998 Aberdeen Boat Club 
1999 Aberdeen Boat Club 
2000 Aberdeen Boat Club
2001 Aberdeen Boat Club 
2002 Aberdeen Boat Club 
2003 Aberdeen Schools Rowing Association 
2004 Aberdeen Schools Rowing Association
2005 Aberdeen Boat Club
2006 ABC / AUBC (joint winners)
2007 Aberdeen University Boat Club
2008 Aberdeen Schools Rowing Association