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Committee of the Dee          

2004 North East Regatta - River Dee, Aberdeen  17th & 18th April

Atholl Wallace of ASRA receives the Championship of the Dee Trophy from senior umpire Neil McFarlane

Spectacular spectators

**NEW 2/5/04**
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Neil Smith and son after competing in the (literal) Generation Double Sculls event

Aberdeen Schools Rowing Association
wins Championship of the Dee award at 2004 North East Regatta for second year in a row

FULL RESULTS:   'pdf' file    Excel file   (same information in both)

Championship of the Dee results                   Historical Championship of Dee results

General Notes

Winning Names (both days)  

Entry statistics

NB apologies for the confusion caused to the ABC (Seymour) crew who won Mens Novice Fours
on Sunday.  This event was labelled as qualifying, then changed to non-qualifying but after careful
research has finally been determined as qualifying.  Four crews came under starter's orders and one subsequently withdrew.

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Championship of the Dee

 North East Regatta 2004           17th  & 18th April 2004

The Championship of the Dee is the victor ludorum award for the main rowing event in Aberdeen.  It is calculated over both days of the North East Regatta.  Each winning finalist in an event earns his (or her) club two points.  Runners up (losing finalists) are awarded one point. 


Saturday Points

Sunday Points

Total Points

Final Position

Aberdeen Schools Rowing Association (ASRA)





Aberdeen Boat Club (ABC)





George Heriots Rowing Club





Robert Gordon University Rowing Club (RGU)





Aberdeen University Boat Club (AUBC)





Glasgow Rowing Club





Inverness Rowing Club





 Congratulations to ASRA for winning the Championship of the Dee for the second year running.  They managed to increase their points total from 109 last year to a spectacular 177 points in 2004.  I am sure they will be especially pleased to have scored 42 points on Sunday (no junior events that day) which suggests that their senior crews are competitive.

RGU will be pleased to have finished ahead of their collegiate rivals from AUBC.  The university holidays did affect entries and the AUBC mens squad was only represented by a multi-entering sculler in the form of Iain Murray (who, nevertheless, won every event he entered!)

RMW 19/4/04



North East Regatta 2004           17th & 18th April 2004


 The 2004 regatta was held exactly a month earlier than the 2003 event and entries were down as a result.  We were pleased to see ASRA and George Heriots enter large junior squads on Saturday.  Especially as school term had still to restart following the Easter holidays.

 Thanks go to the following SARA officials; Neil McFarlane (senior umpire), Lydia Coffey, Neil Allan, Ron Wallace, Kevin Denniss, Fiona Insch, Ian Duncan, Gill Laing, Sandy Walker,  Angus Campbell, Bryan Steel, Terry McNeill, Robert Robertson, Catriona Norris.  Trainee umpires Pamela Stevenson and Carol Wallace also helped. 

 Water conditions were unpleasant at times on Saturday with a strong tailwind and brisk stream.  This resulted in us having to trim the handicaps in the veteran races as the course had been effectively shortened.  Blustery showers completed the picture.  On Sunday, rowing conditions were better with calmer water but spectating conditions were worse with a chilly wind and more constant rain.

 The Fugawi award for poor navigation was shared this year between two teams. 


The RGU novice four on Saturday could not find the holey bits and capsized after hitting the City arch of the QE2 Bridge.  A number of injuries were sustained as the crew exited the boat and it did make me reflect on how well we train for such eventualities. You cannot board an aircraft without being reminded of safety procedures but we do little emergency training in rowing.  Bring on the trolley-dollies with the exaggerated hand signals!


 The second contender for navigational inexactitude is the St Andrews University Boat Club squad who came to their first ever NER and arrived at the boathouse an hour before the start of the regatta.  They then disappeared from public gaze for 90 minutes (another example of that close relative of the Bermuda Triangle, the mysterious  Balnagask Circle perhaps?)  With 10 minutes to go before their race time a phone call to the ABC bar revealed them rematerialised in King Street and lost!  The resulting dash back to the river wasn’t the best warm-up in the world but they all seemed to have enjoyed the experience.

                                                                     RMW 19/4/04