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Committee of the Dee          

Aberdeen Eights HOR Saturday 1st March 2003  -  Commentary

Fine weather for this event.  A gusty wind which was sometimes head and sometimes tail (!) but no serious problems.  A limited entry from  clubs from outside Aberdeen (thanks to Dundee UBC and Inverness RC).

Congratulations to AUBC for winning four out of the six contested events.  This augers well for their efforts in the Universities of Aberdeen Boat Race which will be held tomorrow.

There was a clash of three Womens Novice Eights in the second division.  This started when one eight tried to pass another while going through the Railway Bridge (despite clear instructions that this should not be attempted).  The third eight tried to squeeze past the tangled boats but ran aground and had to stop.  No injuries except for frayed tempers.  The senior umpire (Peter Morrison) did not feel that any disqualification was appropriate.

Thanks to attending umpires
Peter Morrison (snr)

Terry McNeill
Bryan Steel
Lydia Coffey
Gill Laing
Catriona Norris
Gary Bain

RMW 1/3/03