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Committee of the Dee          

    Saturday 11th November 2006                                  Sunday 12th November 2006

Some extremely wet and windy conditions during racing - especially on Saturday. 
The blur in some photos is a combination of falling rain, a wet lens and me getting blown around by gusts of wind.

It did make for some dramatic shots, especially showing the dedication of coxes as the rain lashed into their faces.
One crew also managed to find the end of their rainbow!

Some pictures of division 1 on Sunday (when I was racing) were taken by Mrs Snapper - she blames me (possibly correctly) for leaving the autofocus in 'manual' setting so please forgive some blurry pictures even when the weather was more conducive to photography.

Committee members did a grand job preparing for the record number of visitors to the first ever Inverness HOR weekend.  One enthusiastic local even made sure that the river was swept clean.
It is hard to believe, but this is the man who wrote the timing system that can produce results accurate (?) to a thousandth of a second
Suggestions are invited for the collective noun for umpires (captured, of course, in the tea tent) ....
"a Raymond of umpires" perhaps?  

Other (publishable) suggestions welcome.

     Saturday 11th November 2006


     Sunday 12th November 2006


Snapper Ron

Snapped by Roy Sinclair