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Committee of the Dee          

Universities of Aberdeen Boat Race  -  March 2006

The Race had been organised for 4th March 2006 but the river was frozen on that day.  Undaunted, the intrepid AU and RGU alumni crews held a 'Winter Olympics' (with the two RGU teams beating the only AU team).
Scotland team manager, Gary Bain, did his Eddie the Eagle act - launching himself down the slope and into the River Dee.
Unfortunately, his Eskimo roll technique was not up to scratch and the rescue team swung into action.

The ball want ahead on the evening of the 4th and the actual races were held on the re-arranged date of 18th March.

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Pictures (c) Graham Wright, Ron Wallace & Carol Wallace


Alumni Snow sports day  -  4th March 2006                  Ball - 4th March 2016


Rearranged race held on 18th March 2016

Alumni race Second Crew Race Main Race
After the race Prizegiving General pictures