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Committee of the Dee          

         The Deecrepits 9th Tour to the Tideway 15th & 16th March 2008

Click here for all pictures               Ron's illustrated journal of the Tideway Tour        Click here for all pictures

We travelled ...  modelled our Tour Tops
... watched the racing on Saturday ... saw 'Spamalot' then went early to bed.
The ABC Veteran Squad got ready early on Sunday morning ... and the auld mannies put their boat together (but got something wrong, I think)
Gill read her instructions and strapped things to her leg ... we launched the boat in some of the best Tideway water we had seen in years
and then .... and THEN ...  along came the umpire saying that the race was cancelled due to rough water near the marshalling area at Barnes Bridge. But we were still entertained by our Swiss friends in the evening
... were re-united with some lost piscine friends ... and said thanks and farewell to Tony....

until next year!

Click here for all pictures                                                                                  Click here for all pictures