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Committee of the Dee          

6th October 2006

Celebrating one of the most successful years in the history of the club with the first ever ABC victories at Womens Henley and the Commonwealth Regatta.

If you want a 2 minute run-through of all the photographs that Ron Snapped that evening (including a very amusing sequence of Dougie dropping his award!) then click here to run the video.

Caption suggestions welcome - by email or on the ABC forum.      Other images click here

Blind leading the blind? "No Dougie, you haven't got that Masonic handshake right yet " Where is Gary's right hand? Everything was going well until Bob fell asleep in the middle of his speech.
Hands up who would like to judge this competition? "I  say Dave, turn your back like a good chap whilst I smooch with this kitchen wench" "This pink champagne is nae to shabby - I think I'll hae another pint of it"  


Other images click here