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Henley 2010

Glorious weather welcomed the Aberdeen team which travelled to this small event in South Englandland.
Colin and Scott did well to qualify for the Pairs event and so became the first ever Deeside Scullers crew to compete at HRR.
Ron and Carol were following the race from the umpires launch and got very excited when DS led off the start,
sadly their opposition (the reserves for the Canadian lightweight 4) then overhauled our lads
I apologise for the large amount of pictures of the race but it was very exciting! 
Thanks to Niall Young for the progress-board shot showing DS leading.

Rick, also at his first-ever Henley, managed to arrange a reunion of Pricks old and new on Saturday.

Click on an image below  to see more pictures from that day

Wednesday 30th June

Thursday 1st July

Friday 2nd July

Saturday 3rd July

Sunday 4th July
Click on links below to see 2 short videos from Colin and Scott's race on Thursday.  (Quality had to be reduced to reduce file size)

Video near start of DS race

Video near finish of DS race