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Committee of the Dee          

FISA World Masters  -  October 2014.  Lake Wendouree, Ballarat, Australia

Pictures from the

Aberdeen Boat Club   tour  


     Carol Wallace,   Lorraine Boyle,  Tricia Ritchie, Ron Wallace

           Amber Price,  Alison Smith,   Jim Steel                  

Click here to see all of the 700+ still pictures taken by Ron, his brother Alan*, and various others.
(They do feature a number of Wallace family pictures round Melbourne in the early pages)

I have loaded the video files onto Youtube and the links for the individual files are below.
Apologies, but you can only see one at a time, you will then need to use the <back> button on your browser to return here.  Further apologies for all the videos of the steam-pump at Sovereign Hill but I thought it was beautiful and hypnotic. 
All the best,    (Snapper) Ron

(click on it for video)
Oz14a 0245 A kangaroo hopping about at the wildlife park in Ballarat
Oz14a 0246 Carol hand-feeding a kangaroo at Ballarat
Oz14a 0826 at Lake Wendouree - flags straining to stay attached
Oz14a 0827 at Lake Wendouree - waves lapping near the finish
Oz14a 0830 Lorraine Boyle sculls in difficult conditions. Carol and Amber try to dry Ron's top from his earlier (wet) sculling race!
Oz14a 0831 Lorraine Boyle sculls in difficult conditions
Oz14a 0832 Lorraine finishes her sculling race
Oz14a 0833 Lorraine surfs the waves!
Oz14a 0925 Sovereign Hill, Ballarat - Banjo players1
  Oz14a 0926 Sovereign Hill, Ballarat - Banjo players2
Oz14a 0964 The steam-driven water pump at Sovereign Hill Mine - view1
  Oz14a 0967 The steam-driven water pump at Sovereign Hill Mine- view2
  Oz14a 0968 The steam-driven water pump at Sovereign Hill Mine- view3
Oz14a 1008 The engine room 
  Oz14a 1009 Last view of the beam engine (you may gather that I liked this!  Ron)   (and last video)

A bit of family history ...

*Alan Wallace joined AUBC in c 1966 and, by doing so, introduced rowing to the Wallace clan. 
The FWM pictures above feature various shots of him and his family - some older viewer of this site may remember Alan from his racing days

Alan sculling downstream on the Dee past Duthie Park  c1970
Picture taken by little-brother-Ron, who then developed the roll in the darkroom at Aberdeen Grammar School and developed the B&W print