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Committee of the Dee          

Course Details for Aberdeen Sprint Regatta

Crews must boat facing upstream and proceed to the bridge marshalling area.  Please be careful going under the Suspension Bridge as the river is narrow  here and you must watch out for crews racing downstream and give way to them if necessary.

Crews must keep to the Boathouse side of the river on the way up to the start.

WARNING:   At low tide it is may not be safe to pass through the Railway Bridge - seek local knowledge if in any doubt and obey safety instructions from the marshals.

Crews must report to the start marshal below the railway bridge and keep in touch with the marshal until called down for their race.

The start is free and, in view of the downstream current, manoeuvring at the start should normally be done by backing down.

Crews should ensure that their boat and blades pass on the appropriate side of any buoys or course markers.  Failure to comply with this rule could result in disqualification if the umpire considers that unfair advantage was gained or the other crew was obstructed.

There is a line of buoys near the finish but these do not represent the exact finish line and crews should not stop racing until instructed by the finisher.

After finishing, all crews should turn and approach a jetty as soon as possible especially if their boat or members are required for other events.

Please also see the Local Regatta Rules printed below.



Local Regatta Rules  for the Aberdeen Sprint Regatta

 (Please also study the course map and its Notes)

Competitors are reminded that the rules of racing of the Scottish Amateur Rowing Association apply to this regatta.

Club Captains, or their representatives, must report to the Regatta Secretary before the start of the regatta.  Any crew which fails to submit a written list of crew members or has not paid its entry fee by the time of its first race will be disqualified.  (see S.A.R.A. rule B3)

Bow-slot numbers will be loaned to competitors upon deposit of 5 and these must be in place while racing.  The deposit will be refunded on safe return of the number.

Competitors must report to the start marshal at least five minutes before their published race times. Crews must then stay in touch with the start marshal until they are called to the start line. Due to a lot of doubling-up, the timing of the regatta is critical and late crews will be disqualified (Aberdeen crews take note !)

The first named crew will take the City Station (opposite the Boathouse), the second named crew will take the Boathouse Station.

The 500m course will be used in all events. The course is in two lanes and runs downstream from a free start at the "top of the wall". It runs through the two bridges with a slight bend before the finish at the upstream end of the Aberdeen Boat Club Boathouse.   There are three buoys near the finish and boats and blades must pass between the appropriate buoys, or risk disqualification

The buoys near the finish do not represent the exact finish line and crews should not stop racing until instructed by the umpire.

We do not have permission to row below the Victoria Bridge (downstream of the Boathouse). Any crew violating this rule is likely to be sunk and/or disqualified.



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