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 Committee of the Dee

North East Sprint Regatta - 19th August 2017 - Results

Race results (marked-up chronological list and draw) Winners names and Championship of the Dee points
All result data in Excel format (same as above) Original programme (no results)


Notes from 2017 NEsR :

We decided to hold the NER as a summer Sprint event this year.
Scottish Rowing were promoting events and sponsoring prizes to try and revitalise racing at this time of year (it had been 2010 when we last held a Sprint event in Aberdeen)

We ran today's event in a 3-session format, with no doubling-up allowed within a session.  This allowed for rapid turn-around of races as winning crews could race, rest on the water and then proceed upstream for their next round.
We had also limited the number of events and encouraged competitors to consider entering unusual events (for them) - eg sculling instead of sweep rowing;  pairs instead of fours.

This did result, as we had hoped, in some largely-contested events - Open Nov 1x attracting 13 entrants (albeit they all came from ASRA!)  Womens Nov 1x also attracted an impressive 9 competitors and this time from 4 different clubs.

Sadly, we did not manage to entice many outside competitors but many thanks to the 4 competitors from Inverness who entered a wide variety of veteran events and did manage to go home with one medal.

We also had a winning Mixed 4+ representing 5 separate clubs including an international entrant (ABC, AUBC, RGUBC, ASRA and Faroe Rowing Club).

Weather was better than predicted with only a few light showers during our short day of racing.  The thunder & lightning politely waited until after prizegiving before putting in its appearance.

An enjoyable format that was well-received by competitors (who made no suggestions for any changes) and umpires/organisers alike.


ABC won the Championship of the Dee trophy with points totals below (slight recalculation of points following the prizegiving but no change in placements);

Club Points
Inverness 4
Castle Semple 2
International (Faroe Rowing Club) 2

RMW 19/8/17