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Statistics, Records and past Winners page (updated 2/3/05)

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The xls files require Microsoft Excel 95 (or a later version) or a spreadsheet which can read this type of file.  Some of the spreadsheets have up to three separate pages (use the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet to move between)

 The pdf files require Adobe Acrobat Reader to open.



Aberdeen Heads of the River Races

Statistics and records from 1991

HOR records and statistics to 21/11/08 (Excel spreadsheet)

HOR records and statistics to 21/11/08 (pdf file)



North East Regatta

Regatta entry statistics       (xls)    (pdf)

Championship of the Dee
winners from 1989
  (Details (1989- 2009)

                                                     Summary (1989 to present)

The statistics spreadsheet records number of events and entrants since 1990.  It also lists the ratio of City Station to Boathouse Station wins over the past ten years. 
Over the 15 years, a total of 1,566 races were run at North East Regattas with 794 wins (50.7%) on the City Station and 772 (49.3%) on the Boathouse Station.  We know that the courses are equal in length but there has always been some doubts about effects of tide and current. This statistic suggests that there does not seem to be any significant bias.