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Committee of the Dee

NK Watchware interface (new timing watches March 2019)

NK  Interval 2000 timing watches

           -  NK Interval 2000 stopwatch  -  brief instructions and setup for use at Aberdeen HORs (this should be theonly one you need for use of watch)


-    NK Interval 2000 stopwatch  -  full instructions from manufacturer


You will only need the following if you are setting up the interface program on your own computer

     -  Watchware software download (from NK website - try this one first)
                    -  Watchware software download (from CofD site)    
                                             -  Watchware software quick start up guide (relates to loading the program - see below for how to use it) 


Computer interface of NK watches  (I suggest you Rt click and download the following)

Instructions (v2, Nov 2022)

                  Demo text file (as would be downoaded from watch)

                                 Demo Exel file (as would be used to enter data from above)