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Mark Pollard's Regatta  software


In Aberdeen, we have used the 'Regatta' software for several years to set up and run our regattas.

This was produced by Mark Pollard (many thanks, whoever you are!) and is licensed for freeware distribution.

It only works for two-lane racing and is a bit clunky;  pop-up boxes do not always resize correctly resulting in 'OK' buttons being out of sight at foot of the box.
However ... it is a superb program for allocating times to races to avoid clashing when competitors have entered multiple races.


Downloading it can be difficult as it is run from an *exe file and this is routinely blocked by all mal-ware filters.

To get it, you will require to download the zip file below and extract the files into a single folder - you then simply click on the regatta.exe file to run the program.
The folder contains a regatta.html file which contains instructions from Mark.

I have attached additional instructions for using the software -  particularly if you use MyEventz to accept regatta entries. 
This applies to events in Scotland as England uses the OARA system for making entries.

Below, you can also download some sample files from the 2014 North East Regatta in Aberdeen. 
The *.rgf files are data files produced after we ran the draw on Saturday and Sunday.  You can load these into the Regatta program.
The *csv file is an anonymised version of the file that I downloaded from MyEventz - you can use this to practice importing data into a new regatta.

Any questions or problems - please email me.
Ron Wallace       ron@cofd.co.uk


To download:  right click each file name in turn and then choose 'Download' or 'Save target as'  -  you will probably get a security warning from your mal-ware filter.

Marks Regatta program (latest version (April 2008))    (zip file)    This contains the only essential files, the other files below are just ones that you can use to test the program

Notes and instructions from Ron Wallace

2014 NE Regatta .rgf data file (Saturday)
2014 NE Regatta .rgf data file (Sunday)

2014 NE Regatta .csv file (Saturday data as downloaded from MyEventz)  -  anonymised