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ABC Xmas (Scratch) Eights - 6th Dec 2014. Also a celebration of Jim Steel's recent 70th Birthday
ABC Scr8s14-011
ABC Scr8s14-012
ABC Scr8s14-013
ABC Scr8s14-018 pano
ABC Scr8s14-027
ABC Scr8s14-028
ABC Scr8s14-029
ABC Scr8s14-030
ABC Scr8s14-031
ABC Scr8s14-032
ABC Scr8s14-033
ABC Scr8s14-034
ABC Scr8s14-035
ABC Scr8s14-036
ABC Scr8s14-037
ABC Scr8s14-038
ABC Scr8s14-039
ABC Scr8s14-040
ABC Scr8s14-041
ABC Scr8s14-042
ABC Scr8s14-043
ABC Scr8s14-044
ABC Scr8s14-045
ABC Scr8s14-046
ABC Scr8s14-047
ABC Scr8s14-048
ABC Scr8s14-049
ABC Scr8s14-050
ABC Scr8s14-051
ABC Scr8s14-052
ABC Scr8s14-053
ABC Scr8s14-054
ABC Scr8s14-055
ABC Scr8s14-056
ABC Scr8s14-057
ABC Scr8s14-058
ABC Scr8s14-059
ABC Scr8s14-060
ABC Scr8s14-061
ABC Scr8s14-062
ABC Scr8s14-063
ABC Scr8s14-064
ABC Scr8s14-065
ABC Scr8s14-066
ABC Scr8s14-067
ABC Scr8s14-068
ABC Scr8s14-069
ABC Scr8s14-070
ABC Scr8s14-071
ABC Scr8s14-072
ABC Scr8s14-073
ABC Scr8s14-074
ABC Scr8s14-075
ABC Scr8s14-076
ABC Scr8s14-077
ABC Scr8s14-078
ABC Scr8s14-079
ABC Scr8s14-080
ABC Scr8s14-081
ABC Scr8s14-082
ABC Scr8s14-084
ABC Scr8s14-085
ABC Scr8s14-086
ABC Scr8s14-087
ABC Scr8s14-088
ABC Scr8s14-089
ABC Scr8s14-090
ABC Scr8s14-091
ABC Scr8s14-092
ABC Scr8s14-093
ABC Scr8s14-094
ABC Scr8s14-095
ABC Scr8s14-096
ABC Scr8s14-097
ABC Scr8s14-098
ABC Scr8s14-099
ABC Scr8s14-100
ABC Scr8s14-101
ABC Scr8s14-102
ABC Scr8s14-103
ABC Scr8s14-104
ABC Scr8s14-105
ABC Scr8s14-107
ABC Scr8s14-108
ABC Scr8s14-109
ABC Scr8s14-110
ABC Scr8s14-111
ABC Scr8s14-113
ABC Scr8s14-114

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